"GNU's Not Unix"

The Story of Richard M. Stallman

Richard Matthew Stallman is known today for his outspoken activism for "free software," a movement closely intertwined with Stallman's own history in software development that has gained traction for its implications on 'larger' issues such as privacy, social class, and modern digital economics.

Following his successes in developing a free, UNIX-like computer system, the GNU project, Stallman has spent the last two decades as a prophet for free software. He has actively promoted ethical software buisiness practices, the development and the implementation of free software. He has campaigned against DRM, software patents and other systems that restrict users' freedoms. Stallman is the founder and incumbent President of the Free Software Foundation, a non-profit organization that has dedicated resources to the development of free software and worked on legal and structural issues for the free software movement and the free software community.

Made by Andrew Cabey